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Architects based in Pont-Croix in Brittany, Karine Montagnon and Laura Palacio apply an approach that is based on the balance of aesthetic, functional, constructive and human dimensions in each of their projects. Specialising in environmentally-friendly building techniques, these architects favour the use of natural materials such as plant wool, wood, earth, clay or straw. This allows them to create living spaces that are comfortable, functional and sustainable, guaranteeing the quality and durability of each of their buildings.

The work of these architects is based on the design of energy-efficient buildings, where thermal and lighting quality are the main focus of their considerations. Karine Montagnon and Laura Palacio promote bioclimatic designs, which allows them to achieve all their objectives. These creative and passionate architects manage to elevate their work as they strive to bring to life projects that are technically and aesthetically unique. Their technical skills enable them to work with the client on a wide variety of projects, both in design and execution.

Karine Montagnon and Laura Palacio are multi-disciplinary architects who work on all types of projects, both new construction and renovation, in the field of single-family homes, medical facilities and buildings for commercial, social and touristic purposes. Each project, whether in its complexity, size or specifications, is intended to be distinctly different from previous ones. This is why these architects enjoy fostering an open and reciprocal dialogue with the client, which will enable them to set the goals inherent in the project and the wishes of all those who are a part of it.

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