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An architectural studio based in Tournon-sur-Rhône, JBZ Architecture's work is part of an eco-friendly approach that aims to promote sustainable architecture that respects its environment.

“The bioclimatic, sustainable or eco-friendly approach is vital. It does not negate all the structural, aesthetic or usual dimensions that drive past or present architecture. On the contrary, this approach justifies them in a legitimate way, and places the human being in its natural, cultural and social environment.”

It is with this conviction that Julie Bourquard Zaug turned to the field of architecture, passionately analysing the world of construction. With a wealth of experience, and since 2018, this architect brings her philosophy, worldview and convictions to each of her projects.

Aware of the importance of materials and textures as well as their implementation and place in a structure, Julie Bourquard Zaug sees them as a real architectural opportunity. Apart from their aesthetic aspect, they are distinguished by their physical characteristics and the comfort they provide, as well as by their interaction and the atmosphere they create.

Inspired by Japanese culture, Julie Bourquard Zaug finds all these elements in it, strong elements that guide each of her designs day after day. The attention paid to each object and each element that is specific to a particular use, which nevertheless forms a coherent and meaningful whole, sparks admiration and fascination in her. Nordic, Eastern and Mediterranean cultures are also rooted in her creative approach.

Julie Bourquard Zaug is a passionate architect who is committed to bringing the client's project to life, successfully identifying the exact needs of her clients. Aesthetics are therefore an extension of functionality, a functionality that serves the specific needs of each client.

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