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Marie Gervaise graduated from the Paris la Villette School of Architecture in 2007. She began her career as an employee in several Parisian agencies, before taking her HMONP (Habilitation à exercer la Maîtrise d'Oeuvre en son Nom Propre) in 2017 at the Nantes School of Architecture. Then in 2018, Marie Gervaise decided to create her own architectural office in Nantes.

Today, this architect works in Saint-Brieuc and its region, the environment in which she settled, and also in Nantes.

Marie Gervaise likes to work on housing in the broadest sense: individual and collective, new and renovation. Very often, the appropriate response is a hybrid: a new surface (extension, elevation) that enhances an existing renovated building. This type of project is an ecological response, since it starts with an existing building and tries to improve it.

The architectural response must be tailored to each project: each client, each programme, each context, each envelope.

Housing is a never-ending subject, constantly being questioned and adapted.

Architecture is in everyone's interest. And the architect is there to accompany, advise, design and build, for those who have the desire to question their way of living.

Marie Gervaise is also sensitive to the issue of renovation, and in particular energy renovation, which is at the heart of current problems. It is often an integral part of her architectural projects.

This architect has taken several training courses, including one on stone masonry, as these are specific skills. The answer is not the same as for a concrete or breeze block construction. The heritage has sometimes undergone bad transformations in the last decades. In architecture, as in other fields, environmental ethics question previous less virtuous practices, to go back even further, when materials were natural and perennial (stone, lime, earth, etc.) and when they were implemented using adapted traditional techniques.

Marie Gervaise is convinced that it is essential to have this skill, in addition to knowledge of the new energy regulations for new buildings.

The knowledge of architects must be able to extend beyond a "ready-made" answer.

Marie Gervaise is also attracted by small objects, and likes to say that they are architecture: a table, a door, a seat, all contribute to the spatial aspect. This architect also responds to orders from shops and restaurants. These places of life are an opportunity to create spaces that are personalised in the eyes of their clients, each with a strong identity.

Architecture contributes to this identity when it is present, more "scenographic".

In all cases, the exchange remains the essential fuel of the project. The project is the end result of the construction, but after a long human process.

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