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Architect Clément Schaal graduated from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Strasbourg in 2016, earned his HMONP qualification in 2018, and has been a member of the French National Council of Architects (CNOA) since 2020.

After working with several different architecture firms, he decided to work as a carpenter in wooden frame construction in order to spend time on construction sites and observe, learn, understand and put into practice what he had been drawing for several years.

These experiences led Clément Schaal to envision architecture projects as a discussion between the different parties involved, that is, the client, architect and builders, seeing fruitful dialogue as the key to the project’s success.

Given the high energy consumption involved in the building sector, Clément Schaal strives to be as environmentally responsible as possible. For the architect, the use of natural, bio-sourced and local materials, simple and effective ecological practices, and consideration for technological advances and the advantages of new materials are vital to achieving this goal.

The client’s requirements, the architect’s aesthetic and functional approach and the contractors’ construction expertise come together to result in a successful architecture project that offers improved quality of life for its users. 

Architect Clément Schaal appreciates drawing from diverse sources of inspiration, mixing different materials as well as styles from different eras and cultures, to offer unique, fully developed designs.

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