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Do you want your project to be unique and personal? Hugues Lavenant listens to your wishes in order to be able to interpret them. This architect gives you his advice to develop your ideas, according to your financial capacities and the constraints specific to your project.

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Each project will be thought out with you, and for you. The dialogue initiated in partnership with you, the key player in the process, is central to Franck Macou's design process, to help you define and clarify your programme, establish your priorities, and understanding and incorporating your lifestyle and goals in order to perfectly adapt the design to your needs.

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The TYERRA architectural studio favours an environmentally-friendly design, which is rooted in a search for aesthetics, comfort and performance. Able to design projects of varying scale and complexity, these architects are at your service to help bring your projects to life.

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Guipavas: an architect contacts you

The architect in Guipavas is competent for all types of works

The architect takes care of your project from the beginning to the end. We can evoke a heightening, an extension, an expertise, a terrace, a setting to the standards or a rehabilitation:
  • Feasibility study: this preliminary study passes by several stages to be reassured on the potential of your property and on its future evolutions. In summary, the architect must work on these tasks in particular: analysis of the program provided by the project manager, realization of the sketch (plan and / or 3D modeling), estimate of the projected cost of work ...
  • Surge Elevation: the surge elevation is a set of works with the aim of achieving the expansion of a space, adding height. It may involve raising a building by one or more floors, including its roof.
  • New construction: the architect develops the plans, organizes, supervises and coordinates the various professionals. He is therefore the guarantor of the proper execution of the construction project, as well as the companies. He is moreover subjected to a deontology and must return accounts to an order. He is therefore subject to certain obligations and gives you peace of mind about the quality of the service. You can also entrust only to the architect the mission to conceive the plans, you will play the role of coordination as for the interventions of the craftsmen.
  • Interior architecture: the interior architect imagines and arranges ergonomic, harmonious and pleasant interior spaces to live by using spaces, furnishing and materials. He takes into account the technical and financial limits.
  • Garden: the landscape architect is specialized in the design as well as the reorganization of gardens of all sizes. He puts his skills as well as his aesthetic approach on behalf of his client. He is present , from the ideation to the installation of the last plant.

The skills of the architect in Guipavas are an asset for your project

Hiring an architect has many advantages. Here is why...
  1. The intervention of the architect offers, for a small investment, the sustainable and ecological building that you want.
  3. Having the habit, the architect accompanies you in the administrative steps such as the building permit or the study of the PLU (Local Plan of Urbanism).
  5. You have a listening, advice and the pleasant surprise of discovering a project in total coherence with your dreams.
  7. The architect does not hesitate to put on his helmet and his safety shoes and controls the various stages of the construction site to ensure a result in accordance with the plans. He arranges so that there is no time wasted between the various interventions of the plumber and the painter.
  9. The architect's mission is to present you with clear and complete plans of the dwelling that will be brought up to standards. He must therefore deliver you valuable advice regarding the choice of materials.
  11. The architect works on the project taking into account the budgetary limits that you impose on him.
  13. The preparation of the work of the architect extends to the details. His attention is also focused on the finishes (the railing in particular).
  15. In contrast to the developer who has a catalog of houses-types to offer you, the architect performs a research work in line with your project. You thus benefit from a unique habitat. The future buyer is immediately reassured.

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Single-Family Homes
Feasibility Studies
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Studio PHAAR founded by architect Hùng Tôn, is a transdisciplinary creative agency based in Quimper, oscillating between architecture, scenography, soundscapes and graphics.

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Country Homes
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