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"Your house will look like you and you will feel good in it".

This is the objective that Philippe Prevost has set himself: to assist his clients in the design and construction of individual houses, renovations and extensions, taking into account their wishes and lifestyle and respecting their budget.

After nearly 30 years of professional experience, including fifteen years as an employee and then as a partner in an agency that designed and built collective housing and establishments for the elderly, this architect set up on his own in 2008 to satisfy his desire to work directly with individuals. Philippe Prevost masters each stage of the process of carrying out his projects, favouring the overall coherence of the project and the success of the building site.

His sensitivity leads him to propose to his clients contemporary, simple architecture, open to the outside world and nature, without rejecting traditional architecture if the client's request is in this direction.

This architect often proposes wood-frame construction, which is more ecological, faster to build than traditional construction and provides better thermal and acoustic comfort.

Philippe Prevost integrates into his projects, as much as possible, the principles of "bioclimatic" architecture, thinking about the right orientations, the right protection against summer heat, without depriving himself of the free calories of the sun during the winter and the half-seasons, the installation of natural ventilation, the design of the immediate exterior where water and vegetation play an important role, the use of the right materials to provide the inertia and "perspirance" of the walls necessary for thermal comfort and good air quality in the home.

Natural materials, which bring real added value, will always be put forward, although their price, unfortunately, sometimes dissuades customers.

The relationship with nature is also for him an important element in the success of a project, by creating continuities between the interior and exterior, by enhancing certain viewpoints when the environment lends itself to it, by creating "micro-gardens" with framed views when the vis-à-vis is awkward, all to bring peace and well-being in communication with nature and the cosmos.

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