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An architect who has specialised over the years in individual housing, in new buildings, renovations and extensions... without excluding collective housing. Philippe Prevost proposes contemporary architecture, simple and open, using as much as possible healthy and natural materials.

Single-Family Homes
Passive House / Eco-friendly
Chalets / Wooden Houses
Country Homes
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Experienced and passionate, Daniele Barchetta sees architecture as a multidisciplinary experience, based on a place, a history and its users. As an architect specialising in the rehabilitation of heritage, he enjoys mixing authenticity and contemporaneity.

New Build
Vertical expension
Project Management
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Architects draw your plans in Elne

Skills of architect in Elne are an asset for your project

Hiring an architect has many advantages. Here are some of them...
  1. The architect assumes the charge of builder and project manager. He saves on the budget by selecting through his experience the many professionals to complete the project.
  3. As an experienced professional, the architect assists you in administrative procedures such as the building permit or the study of the PLU (Local Plan of Urbanism).
  5. When it comes to using aid granted by the ANAH for the upgrading of your apartment, it is often recommended that the documents are filled out by an architect.
  7. You benefit from a listening, advice and discover a project in total consistency with your wishes.
  9. Hiring an architect to develop the plans of your project increases your finances. But the added value brought will be significant for your habitat. It is a sure value the day of the resale.
  11. With an architect, you are assured not to exceed the budget planned about the construction of your house or the creation of a garden. His estimates are always standardized in order to comply with your budget.
  13. The architect presents a project taking into account the budgetary limits defined at the outset.
  15. A complete audit of your dwelling reveals and quantifies, among other things, the points of heat loss.

The architect in Elne is competent for all types of work

The architect is able to work on all types of property. He is competent for all types of work. You have a project that concerns a single-family house, a connected house, an apartment, a hotel or a building welcoming the public (ERP)? Be sure to make the right choice...
  • Surface elevation: the surface elevation is defined by a set of works whose objective is to obtain more space, by adding height. It may involve adding a floor, including its roof.
  • Standardisation: a construction standard is a set of provisions made in order to ensure the quality of the buildings constructed. Construction standards provide safe information to craftsmen.
  • Transformation: talking about the transformation of a building is, for example, to expand your home. It is then imperative to address you to an architect.
  • Terrace: the architect with the skills to develop plans for the construction and renovation of your wooden or stone terrace, connected or not to your home, first floor or raised. He is competent to complete your project according to your requirements while complying with safety standards.
  • Interior Architecture: the interior architect designs and harmonizes practical, harmonious and comfortable interior spaces by using spaces, furniture and materials. It includes technical and budgetary limits.

Bernard Moreau helps his clients realise their projects while taking their requests into account and fulfilling their aspirations for beautiful, functional spaces. He works to optimise the layout of the space in order to best meet the needs and expectations of its future inhabitants.

Single-Family Homes
Country Homes
Commercial - industrial
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A multidisciplinary architecture agency, VGA was founded by Vivien Gimenez as a sensitive response to the creation of timeless and thoughtful architecture. Its field of intervention is as broad as its creativity, considering that each program is interesting when there is a desire to reinvent it.

Single-Family Homes
Passive House / Eco-friendly
Country Homes
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