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Sorges Et Ligueux En Périgord 24420

Nicolas DOC

TROIS QUATRE Architectes

Nicolas Doc and Guillaume Florimond are passionate architects who are associates in both life and work. They practice their profession with skill and professionalism. Together, these architects are committed to designing architecture in line with the times, concerned with current issues and the context in which it is established.

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Architect in Argentat is competent for all types of work

Architect is qualified for all types of property. He is efficient for all types of works. Your project concerns an ecological house, a country house, an apartment, a business or a building welcoming the public (ERP)? Do not hesitate to rely on his know-how:
  • Rehabilitation: a rehabilitation consists in redeveloping a house or a premises by keeping the external appearance while reorganizing the intramural part of it, in the respect of the architectural character of the building.
  • Pool: the architect advises you on the technical part to harmonize your project with the profile of your land. Thus, he can recommend a natural swimming pool among others.
  • New construction: the architect elaborates the plans, organizes, manages and harmonizes the intervention of the various craftsmen. He is thus guarantor of the realization of the construction project, with the companies themselves. Know that the architect is subjected to a deontology and must return accounts to an order. This obliges him to obligations and reassures you on the quality of the service. In case you limit the role of the architect to the supply of plans, you will play the role of coordination as for the interventions of the companies.
  • Sanitation: sanitation consists in treating the industrial domestic wastewater to reject them outside. Sanitizing a building has a weighty interest in making your construction more functional.
  • Transformation: to evoke the transformation of a real estate is, for example, to modify the frame of an old farm. In this case, you really can't do without an experienced architect.

Why an architect in Argentat proves to be indispensable?

There are many reasons to seek an architect. Here are some of them...
  1. The intervention of an architect for your project of extension or rehabilitation is a determining element to take advantage of a financing or a subsidy.
  3. A true expert, the architect assists you in the administrative steps such as the building permit or the request for authorization of the ABF (Architectes des Bâtiments de France.
  5. The architect assists you to define your interior design, colors, shapes to be given to the different rooms, etc.
  7. By calling upon an architect, you benefit from a certain quietude about the expenses about the construction of your house or the construction of a terrace. Its estimates are always adapted in order to correspond to your available funds.
  9. You benefit from a listening, of councils and the pleasant surprise to discover a project compatible to 100% with your needs.
  11. The architect must transmit you clear and complete plans of the creation of your garden for example. He must therefore deliver you valuable advice in the choice of materials and different styles of construction.
  13. The architect, armed with a helmet and safety shoes, ensures the smooth running of the site to ensure a result without encumbrances. He matches the schedules of the carpenter and the mason.
  15. The architect must draw up plans that can be concretely executed and that correspond to your financial capabilities.

For Ophélie Hardouin, the most important part of her role as an architect is to listen to your needs and wishes in order to design a unique place for you that reflects who you are.

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