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Henri Speidel embraces straightforward architecture without frills, composed of simple geometric forms with respect for the geographic and historical context and of course, the building’s users.

Single-Family Homes
Patios & Terraces
Feasibility Studies
New Build
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Cédric Héry is an architect with extensive experience and is registered with the Order of Architects. He approaches architecture as a means of expressing his creativity, while remaining attentive to the world of tomorrow. His expertise and versatility allow him to work on a wide range of projects.

Single-Family Homes
Passive House / Eco-friendly
Chalets / Wooden Houses
Country Homes
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Architect in Toul is competent for all types of work

Architect works on all types of properties. He is efficient for all types of works. You have a project that concerns an ecological house, a country house, an apartment, a restaurant or an industrial building? Take advantage of the many benefits it provides you...
  • Surface elevation: the surcharge corresponds to a set of works in order to achieve the expansion of a space, adding height. This consists of raising a building by one or more floors, including its roof.
  • Sanitation: sanitation has the purpose of collecting, evacuating and treating wastewater such as water from toilets, water from the kitchen, etc.. It can be all-to-sewer or have a septic tank.
  • Terrace: the architect intervenes to draw the plans of your project of construction and renovation of your terrace in tiles or stone, connected or not to your home, on the ground or raised. He is competent to carry out your project according to your needs while complying with safety standards.
  • Garden: the role of the landscape architect is at the center of an outdoor project, regardless of its scope. He ensures consistency and communication between the house and its outdoor design. He also ensures the compliance and quality of the work done throughout the construction site.
  • Standards: a construction standard brings together several provisions established to certify the quality of the buildings constructed. Construction standards provide formal information to the project owners.

Benefits you get from architect in Toul

Hiring an architect has many advantages. Here are some of them...
  1. Having an architect draw the plans for your project increases your budget. However, the added value will be significant for your apartment. It is a safe bet when you decide to part with it.
  3. A full audit of your home allows you to assess the energy performance of the equipment.
  5. The architect must provide clear and complete plans of the home that will be transformed. It also plays a role of advice in the choice of materials.
  7. At the beginning of your project, you approach the budget part with your architect. He will know so to direct you according to your possibilities and wishes on the materials used in particular in order to conform to your budget, with a delivery which respects the deadlines.
  9. The architect does not hesitate to put on his helmet and his safety shoes and makes sure of the good progress of the building site in order to ensure a result in conformity with the plans. He arranges so that there is no time wasted between the various interventions of the carpenter and the painter.
  11. The intervention of an architect for your project of construction of a swimming pool or interior design is an important point to receive a loan or assistance.
  13. The architect works on the project that falls within the budgetary limits not to exceed.
  15. A true expert, the architect assists you in administrative procedures such as the building permit or the request for authorization from the ABF (Architectes des Bâtiments de France.

An architect committed to the creation of balanced and meaningful environments, Ludovic Zacchi places particular importance on the integration of architecture into its context. Without masking or obstructing, he must reveal the existing, highlight and enhance it.

Single-Family Homes
Passive House / Eco-friendly
Smart Homes
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Architect based in Raon-l'Étape, Dominique Paquot is committed to transmitting his architectural vision as much as his passion for the profession to his clients. This experienced architect listens carefully to the client's needs in order to bring their ideas to fruition.

Single-Family Homes
Country Homes
Commercial - industrial
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