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Denis Dupont-Nivet is a DPLG architect with the experience necessary to work with you on a wide range of projects. His concern for ecological and sustainable development is a real differentiating factor that gives his projects a sense of meaning and uniqueness.

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Sébastien BORDIER


S. BORDIER is a versatile architectural agency that will accompany you from the design of your project to the follow-up of the work. These architects offer you a professional follow-up at each stage of your project: from the first sketch to the acceptance of the work.

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The expertise of the architect in Avallon is an advantage to your project

There are many reasons to hire an architect. Here's why...
  1. The architect assumes the burden of builder and project manager. He reduces the expenses by choosing according to his rigorous criteria the various craftsmen to complete the project.
  3. Before starting your project concretely, you approach the budget part with your architect. It will then play its role of advice according to your constraints on the materials used in particular to comply with your available funds.
  5. You have an original and comfortable apartment that meets your needs.
  7. The architect helps you in the choice of your interior decoration, colors, etc.
  9. Having the habit, the architect assists you in the administrative steps such as the filing of a prior application or the study of the PLU (Local Plan of Urbanism).
  11. The architect makes choices in order to allow you to control your budget of construction, upgrading, etc. It is the same for the expenses which fall on it.
  13. A complete audit of your habitat makes it possible to evaluate the energy performance of the apparatuses.
  15. Contrary to the developer who does not have anything else to propose that of the houses-types, the architect thinks an architectural solution in adequacy with your project. You thus benefit from a personalized habitat. The future buyer is immediately reassured.

The architect in Avallon is competent for all types of work

The architect is required for all types of property. He is effective for all types of work. Do you have a project that concerns a cottage, a connected house, a collective residential, a business or even a shed? Do not hesitate to rely on his know-how:
  • New construction: the big positive point of calling an architect is that you benefit from his skills to find the solutions. He designs plans according to your needs.
  • Interior design: the interior designer can help you quantify the importance and feasibility of interior design work before buying your home. He looks for the best compromise for your future property. He uses many tricks to present your interior in the best conditions and enhance it if you want to sell or rent. Call on his services for many and varied renovation works such as the abatement of partitions.
  • Extension: there are many possibilities to extend your property: the elevation of the roof or the development of lost attics, etc. The architect thinks about your project to give you the best advice on the choice of a traditional masonry in particular. You benefit consequently from additional m2.
  • Sanitation: the sanitation has for object the collection, the evacuation and the treatment of the used water as for example the black water, the water of the kitchen, etc.. It can be all-to-sewer or have a septic tank.
  • Garden: the landscape architect demonstrates skills in the creation or redevelopment of outdoor spaces of all surfaces. He puts his knowledge as well as his artistic approach on behalf of his client. It is concerned from the genesis of the project, from the ideation until the very end.

The team is committed to offering you a proposal that fits your budget, needs and especially your vision, placing all of their knowledge and skills at your service in order to create your unique living environment.

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Stéphane Coydon is an architect who promotes teamwork to make the most of each project, in particular thanks to the involvement of qualified partners who share his passion and architectural values.  

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Building Upgrades
Feasibility Studies
Project Management
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