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Denis Dupont-Nivet is a DPLG architect with the experience necessary to work with you on a wide range of projects. His concern for ecological and sustainable development is a real differentiating factor that gives his projects a sense of meaning and uniqueness.

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The architect in Rosières-près-Troyes is competent for all types of works

The architect is competent to take care of your project from the beginning to the end. We can evoke a renovation, an extension, an expertise, a terrace, a setting to the standards or a sanitation...
  • Extension: there are a multitude of possibilities to extend your property: the creation of a new room on the same level adjoining the house or the extension of a non-adjoining house... The architect shares with you his experience on the choice of a traditional masonry notably. You benefit from this fact of an additional room.
  • Rehabilitation: the rehabilitation concerns the whole of the work carried out (rearrangement, containment, etc) to present a site likely to answer a fixed operation.
  • New construction: the architect conceives the plans, organizes, manages and coordinates the various professionals. He is thus co-responsible for the realization of the construction project, as well as the companies. Know that the architect is subjected to a deontology whose respect is controlled by an order. He is thus subjected to rules and reassures you on the quality of the service. If you prefer that the task of the architect consists only in drawing up the plans, you will have to ensure yourself the management of the subcontractors.
  • Interior architecture: the interior architect is the king of the arrangement in your house. His primary role is to create or transform the interior of the habitat. Once he has grasped your needs, he proposes solutions in terms of colors, materials and volumes to improve your interior.
  • Swimming pool: the architect estimates the construction of your swimming pool in its entirety. He is concerned with the area surrounding your future pool. He acts as a consultant about the shape of the pool, the surface of the beaches.

Why an architect in Rosières-près-Troyes proves to be indispensable?

Soliciting an architect has many advantages. Here are some of them...
  1. Having an architect draw up the plans for your project impacts your expenses. But the added value brought will be interesting for your house. It is a sure value for the future buyer.
  3. Knowing the subject on the fingertips, the architect can take charge of the administrative steps such as the deposit of a preliminary application or the study of the PLU (Local Plan of Urbanism).
  5. The architect's mission is to provide comprehensible plans of the construction of your swimming pool for example. It also plays a role of advice in the choice of materials and different styles of construction.
  7. The architect does not hesitate to put on his helmet and his safety shoes and ensures the smooth running of the site to guarantee you a result without encumbrances. He makes the schedules of the various professionals coincide.
  9. With an architect, you are serene(e) concerning the funds engaged with regard to the extension of your house or the creation of a garden. Its estimates are certainly standardized in order to comply with your budget.
  11. A complete audit of your habitat allows you to evaluate the energy performance of the equipment.
  13. You have an original and practical dwelling that satisfies your desires.
  15. The architect advises you on the implementation of your interior design and particularly at the level of colors, etc.

With over 30 years of experience in the field of industrial and commercial architecture, the studio Activ Architecture 51 has decided to reinvent itself and focus its work on private residential clients to help them achieve their lifelong goals. 

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